Medical Protocol

Medical history
• Pre-existing Vascular Disease
• Dermatological conditions: locally (injuries)
• Psycological and Sexual profile

Measurements: A measuring tape will be used for this purpose. Rigid metal or wood rulers are not adviced.The patient should do his own measurements (specially in erection). The following measurements are needed:

• Length of the penis in flacidity
• Perimeter of the penis in flacidity
• Length of the penis in erection
• Perimeter of penis in erection

Preparing the Extensor: Once the patient has obtained all 4 measurements , the doctor will set the device in the proper starting phase based on the length of the penis in erection.

Assembling the device: The doctor will instruct the patient on how to assemble the Andro-Penis and will make sure that he can assemble it on his own.

Commitment to use Device as instructed: It is important that the patient signs this document to certify that he was properly adviced on the use of the device and to commit to use the product as shown in the usage instructions.

Medical supervision

Frequency of medical supervision:

• During the 1st month: weekly rechecks
• During the 2nd month: Biweekly rechecks
• During the 3rd month: Biweekly rechecks
• After the 4th month: Monthly rechecks

Measurements to be performed on a monthly basis

Objetive of rechecks:
• Asses that the patient is using the device properly.
• Monitor patients results after the first month of treatment.
• Offer support and advise to patient.

Informative Guideline

The information provided to the patient is very important. Below is a sample guideline that may be used for consultation in the office or by phone.


This is a surgery-free treatment that entails connecting a medical device to the penis. The Andro-Penis® is a German device that you can put on and take off at your convenience, and for your comfort you can wear it while walking, sitting, standing, etc.

The objective of this treatment is to increase the growth of tissues in t he shaft of the penis, which will produce:

• 3 to 4 cm growth lengthwise when erect.
• 3 to 4 cm growth lengthwise when flaccid.
• 1 cm growth in width.

The device is placed on the penis when flaccid and is worn between 4 to 10 hours a day, taking breaks when needed. One can achieve up to 1/2 cm increase in size per month. The device should be worn between 4-6 months depending on the enlargement desired. Upon finishing treatment, the centimeters gained will be permanent.

The Andro-Penis offers three Guarantees:

1. A medical guarantee, since it is approved by the Health Authorities of the European Union, and is registered at the Spanish Ministry of Health. It holds the CE Certification that classifies it as a Type 1 medical device, which excludes any side effect, both on the short and on the long term.

2. A guarantee based on results. If in 2 months you cannot get used to the device or the treatment, you do not like it or you have no satisfactory result, you will get your money back excluding expenses.

A Scientific Guarantee, since very prestigious urologists at international level have carried out scientific studies that prove an effectiveness of 97,5%

Test Approval
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 13485:2003
Medical Device
Class 1 93/42/EC
License 5144-PS
Scientifically Tested
1 year
Doctor Approved
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AndroPenis®: Penis Enlargement Device

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