abstract of oral communication at Congress of the European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research ESSIR Congress, in Hamburg, published in International Journal For Impotance Research. Hamburg, 1 – 4 December 2002

Colpi G.M., Martini P., Scroppo F.I., Mancini M., Castiglioni F. Andrology Service, San Paolo Hospital – University of Milan, Milan, Italy

“Micropenis” is used to define a penis less than 2.5 SD long compared to the mean length for age and sexual development stage, provided that this organ does not show any other anatomic anomalies. By “small penis” we mean a penis having a size objectively within the standard limits but which is not considered satisfactory by the subject (“Locker-room syndrome”). This disorder is included in dysmorphophobia and is the main reason why some men undergo penile elongation techniques. Measuring performed with stretched penis shows a close correlation with the real length during erection. The mean length of the flaccid penis in Caucasian post-puberal male is 8.8 cms; when stretched it is 12.4 cms (+ 2.7 cms); during erection 12.9 cms. Therefore we talk about a micropenis when its size is < 6 cms. Medical treatment is limited to hypogonadic males by increasing serum androgenic values. Several techniques of penis elongation exist, which are based on external stretching of the penis or classic surgery. Surgical techniques include the subtotal dissection of the penile suspensory ligament and prepubic liposuction. Liposculpture is the insertion of autologuous adipose tissue into the penile subcutaneous in order to increase the organ circumference.

Among physiotherapeutic techniques, our group is making use of the Andro-Penis‚ to treat both small penis and penis curvature due to Peyronie’s disease. For “small penis” our data show a mean increase of the stretched penis length of 1.8 cms after 4 months with a daily average use of 6 _ hours; a higher increase ranging between 2.4 and 3.1 cms was achieved after longer periods of time (between 7 _ and 9 hours). We applied the same device in case of Peyronie’s disease and we obtained a mean decrease in the penis curvature of about 40% (from 34.1° + 4.9° to 20.0° + 12.2°) after three months of treatment. Patient counselling is at all events essential to have a full picture of the problem, since a morbid attention to the size of his own penis might be the symptom of a more complex psychiatric disorder where surgery is powerless or may sometimes even give rise to additional problems.

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What is the reason why men want a bigger penis?
Sadly a lot of men are not too happy with what nature has given them. Most of them probably would like to be that guy in the locker room with the massive penis swinging in front of him, but why? What drives them to feel they have been short-changed?Is it male competition, or do women really like a larger penis? The answer seems to be that this is mostly a male issue, which is probably not much of a surprise. Men do seem to equate masculinity with their penises. On the contrary, it is also known that size does matter to women. Anyhow, for all men out there who want to solve this issue, we have a solution for you.

Penis Enlargement; does it really works?
If you stretch something over a large time period, your body will adjust to the stretching and this, in men’s case, results in a better sized penis. There are many examples of this kind of tissue adjustments, but the most common one is the pregnancy of a woman. A lot of people look at it as a miracle because it is amazing how the skin tissue can expand in that way for over 9 months. It is proved by clinical studies that a high percentage of the people nowadays that use the penis enlargement by traction technique were able to gain length and girth in their penises by stretching the tissue.

The way the device works is by stretching the penis over time, the actual science is not very difficult to follow.

The device applies a traction force on the penis over continuous periods of time. This traction vector is situated on the penis axis. Such traction creates an adaptative reaction of the penile tissue components at a structural level, with an increase in cellular multiplication.

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